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What is ClaimSafe?

ClaimSafe is an intelligent, cloud-based, Software as a Service Platform (SaaS) that facilitates the allocation of the right resources to customer claims at the earliest possible opportunity, to undertake emergency mitigation and make safe repairs in an insurance event. ClaimSafe enables users to connect in real time with automated updates at key stages throughout the make safe service.

ClaimSafe is perfect for:

  • Offloading make safe requirements to the best available repairer
  • Reducing claim costs through immediate response and action
  • Maximising customer satisfaction
  • Expediting response and action on serious claims


ClaimSafe informs and supports your customer every step of the way, updating them at key stages of the emergency response.


ClaimSafe supports insurers in an emergency response with its single screen dashboard, enabling allocation of the most suitable repairer in real time.


ClaimSafe provides a platform that your trades can access from the field providing real time costs and photos. You can also generate reports in real time.

Loss Adjusters

ClaimSafe facilitates the transfer of information to available repairers via the digital platform. Receive make safe reports instantly upon completion of make safe services

Platform Services

Make Safe

Make safe stakeholder engagement and reporting.

Risk Assessment

Conduct and capture onsite risk and safety assessments.

Customer Actions

Generate reports identifying customer maintenance requirements.

Specialist Reports

Standardisation of external specialist reporting with real time access.

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