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About ClaimSafe

Our experience in the emergency repair and insurance industry has enabled us to create a solution to an efficient 24/7 home emergency response service. ClaimSafe provides you the control to deliver with consistency and transparency to customers an enhanced service and support in emergencies by identifying the best resource for the
job instantly, every time.
ClaimSafe provides a single space for all stakeholder interactions, and the ability to access instant reporting in the field. All in real time.

What we do

Whether you are an insurer, broker, loss adjuster, or repairer we can help streamline the FNOL process by providing a platform that connects all stakeholders.

Our Vision

ClaimSafe’s vision is to provide the best digital platform in the home emergency response sector that facilitates the provision of exceptional customer service whilst also ensuring an overall reduction in time and costs, through mobile claim transparency and automation.

ClaimSafe connects all parties involved to a secure platform with direct access for visibility and collaboration at every step of the process. At the same time a consistent approach, whilst respecting each situation is different, can be applied to streamline routine processing. Ultimately ClaimSafe provides a solution to enable delivery of superior service that exceeds customer expectations every time.

We know that time is precious, which is why we are committed to the reduction of response times. Utilising location-based services, the nearest trades can be allocated via the live dashboard, so you can be assured your customers are receiving the fastest, and most effective response.

The ClaimSafe Way

Customer Satisfaction – We provide a platform for you to deliver a service that your customers will appreciate by keeping everyone updated at key stages throughout the make safe service.

Response Times – Dramatically reduce the timespan of the make safe by allocating trades based on location. Provide access to a live mobile portal for all stakeholders to upload costs and photos, and generate reports in real time, on site.

Costs – Reduce costs, touch points, and manual processing with faster trade-to-site allocations. Increase office productivity with standardisation of reports and documents.

Value Proposition

A mobile digital platform for emergency make safe management to support the preparation, response and recovery from insurance events and natural catastrophes.


Our vision and commitment is to a sustainable society that includes environmental, social, and economic returns.
Reduce resources consumed while improving your operational efficiencies and your bottom line. Optimised resource allocation via selection of the closest available and most appropriate repairer, decreases our carbon footprint through a reduction of travel time, vehicle fuel consumption, and C02 emissions.
Speed up and maximise the impact of sustainable emergency response efforts with greater efficiency and response; reaching more people rapidly and more economically.
Successful implementation of this platform will afford you the capacity and ability to manage the challenges ahead, and place you in a position to not only ride out the storm; but to rise above it.